The Way Is Sacrifice Of Self

The Way Is Sacrifice Of Self

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The Way Is Sacrifice Of Self Pendant is made from a 9ct yellow gold tablet, with blue enamel and the following stones:

Golden Stone - Heart Outpouring - Doorway as Love overwhelms all
Diamond Above - Bright of Consciousness - Light never diminishes
Black Stones - Holes in the hands from Nadis - penetrate Infinite Space
Red Stone - The Last Drop Flowers

The Story
The Wound of Love is ultimately an undeniable force, that surrender IS the Only Way out. These threads of current connected us to the whole - there is no separation - All-at-onceness is all & yet the lines of connective tissue create pockets of light when there is a gathering of Hearts… Hearts called to Hearts. At last, this Divine impact allows the recognition that this earth plane is a School Of Learning - every action has a consequence. All is made accountable - ultimately all is brought to submission as Take Heed Submission 
Is the Only Way.

In the Alchymie of creation, an esoteric vision appeared…
"The cross falls backwards onto the earth - the impact of that moment sent shockwaves of reverberation through the entire earth structure itself - it was instantly imprinted with the Wound Of Love - the Power of Perfect Sacrifice. The molecular structure of every atom was imprinted with the Power Of Love - overwhelming Darkness - it was an Alchymeic explosion that reverberated the entire landscape of existence eternally - marked forever - imprinted and held within the DNA".

*Designed and handcrafted by our small team of artisan jewellers here in the Byron hinterland on Australia's East Coast. Meticulously made to order especially for you, with great care and attention to detail.