Intentional Jewellery

    Temple of Man Esoteric Jewellery offers exquisite pieces of jewellery that support the auric or energy field, the Chakras and nadis, and helps to release the blocks and limitations we encounter on a daily basis. Each piece holds a particular intention intrinsic to its design and presentation.

    Just as you may feel a connection to a loved one, a special place or an cherished experience or memory, so too you can locate a feeling connection to our jewellery, that are a living presence of radiant energy. Simply by wearing the jewellery you are uplifted and empowered, and supported in the living process.

    For those who are more sensitive to subtle energies and frequencies, a unique vibratory current can be felt when engaging the pendants, not unlike working with crystals or other vibrational tools. However, the benefits of the jewellery are not limited by our ability to feel them, there are basic practices alongside simply wearing the jewellery that can help us receive their intentional outputs. Over time as you engage your esoteric Jewellery, each person will develop a deeply personal relationship with each piece as part of your own ongoing journey of self-discovery. 

    See individual write ups for each item of jewellery for a detailed description of its intention, and our 'how to' page for details on receiving the energy.