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About esoteric Jewellery

DENDERA offers a stunning collection of exquisite intentional Jewellery, handcrafted by our small team of artisan jewellers here in the Byron hinterland on Australia's East Coast.

Our jewellery is meticulously handcrafted and made to order. When you purchase a piece of jewellery from our site, it will be made especially for you with great care and attention to detail.

Each piece is strikingly unique, inspired by ancient symbology, sacred geometry, meditation and contemplation. Crafted from precious metals, diamonds and gemstones, every component has a particular purpose in its placement and helps form the intention of the piece.

Alchymeic Ring

ring of Veils

“Something ancient or something yet to be…”

Held within the Great Mystery Schools of ancient traditions, the lineage of Whole-body Enlightenment is held as the Holy Grail deep within the inner chambers.

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